3.7.3 Context Menus

To add a context menu to your morph class, the first thing to do is take over mouse handling:

	handlesMouseDown: anEvent 
^ true.

Next, decide if you want to start with the standard menu, or go totally custom. If you want to include the standard options, compile:

^ true.

Then create #addCustomMenuItems:hand: with your morph-specific items. Here's an excerpt from TextMorph:

	addCustomMenuItems: aCustomMenu hand: aHandMorph
super addCustomMenuItems: aCustomMenu hand: aHandMorph.
aCustomMenu add: 'text margins...' translated action: #changeMargins:.

If you'd rather take full control and start from scratch, build your menu in #addYellowButtonMenuItemsTo:event:. Here's an excerpt from Morph's default menu:

	addYellowButtonMenuItemsTo: aMenu event: evt 
aMenu defaultTarget: self.
aMenu addStayUpItem.
self cmdGesturesEnabled ifTrue: [
aMenu addLine.
aMenu add: 'inspect' translated action: #inspect].

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