3.1.3 Customizing and sending events as an Announcer

Announcer creation frequently uses the lazy initialization pattern:

^ announcer ifNil: [announcer := Announcer new]

You can subclass Announcement for any interesting thing that might happen. The announcement subclass is the place to add any extra information about the specific announcement such as a context, the objects involved, etc. This is why announcement objects are both more powerful and simpler than using symbols.

 Announcement subclass: #RemoveChild
instanceVariableNames: 'child'
RemoveChild class>>child: aChild
^self new
child: aChild;
RemoveChild>>child: aChild
child := aChild

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stephane.ducasse (5 February 2012, 12:00 am)

Pharo by example is fully and freely available.


northlakestudio (3 February 2012, 3:57 pm)

I need to find something that has the basics in it. This book assumes that I already know a lot about the language. Why would this book assume that?

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