6 Pharo Tools

Here is a List of the current tools mantained and used by the Pharoers

Developer tools

Web development

  • Pier: content management system that is light, flexible and free
  • Seaside: web application framework

Application Development frameworks

  • Magritte: fully dynamic meta-description framework
  • Mondrian: an agile visualization engine. It enables to quickly and flexibly render any kind of data.
  • ProfStef: framework for creating and playing interactive tutorials
  • HelpSystem: create documentation in-image


Monitoring & Analisys tools

  • Memory Monitor: Graphical tool to visualize the memory activity. Very close to the activity monitor present in most operating systems.
  • Moose: extensive platform for software and data analysis.
  • Spy: a flexible and open framework for designing and implementing program monitor. Spy enables easy-to-realize analysis.

Communication tools

  • RemoteFrameBuffer(RFB): client and server Smalltalk implementation of the VNC protocol
  • FFI: Foreign Function Interface

Persistence tools

Relational Databases

  • Postgres Driver: Postgress Version 2 driver
  • SqueakDBX: OpenDBX plugin which will allow users to perform relational database operations (DDL, DML and SQL) through an open source library.

Relational Databases - ORMs:

  • Glorp: Generic Lightweight Object-Relational Persistence
  • SqueakSave: object-relational (O/R) mapping framework

Object Oriented Databases:

  • Goods: An object oriented database
  • Magma: An object oriented database
  • SandstoneDB: Simple object database that uses SmartRefStreams to serialize clusters of objects to disk

Alternative Persistence tools:

  • SPrevayler: prevalence is based on the idea that all data is kept in RAM
  • CouchDB: Document-oriented database.
  • TokyoTyrant: Binding for TokyoTyrant, a single machine key/value store.
  • Cassandra: Ways to access a Cassandra database.
  • Riak: Interface to Basho Riak's REST API


  • SIXX: Smalltalk Instance eXchange in XML.
  • Fuel: a fast binary object graph serializer.

UI and 3D


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