6.40 Filesystem

Filesystem is a modular, abstract and highly extendable library for Pharo that enables easy access to filesytems. Filesystem is the file library since Pharo2.0.

There is a chapter in the http://rmod.lille.inria.fr/pbe2/ describing the main aspects.

There are several extensions to Filesystem that implement access to different filesystems like the filesystem of the host operating system. The following filesystem implementations are included in the Filesystem package:

  • disk filesystem (provides access to the host filesystem)
  • memory filesystem (creates a filesystem in memory)
  • ZIP filesystem

Known extensions to Filesystem:

The beauty of Filesystem lies in its generic interface that enables the use of fundamentally different filesystems using the same messages. For example, one of the extensions is a ZIP filesystem that enables a user to browse a ZIP file as if it were inflated.

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