4.2.4 Registration in the World Menu

The class WorldState builds the world menu using a PragmaMenuBuilder passed to all methods defining the <worldMenu> pragma.

For example, this adds a menu entry under Help to launch ProfStefBrowser,

ProfStefBrowser class>>menuCommandOn: aBuilder 
(aBuilder item: #'ProfStef Browser')
parent: #Help;
action:[self go];
help: 'Browse and create ProfStef tutorials'.

The block passed to MenuRegistration#action: selector will be executed when the ProfStefBrowser entry is clicked. So here it will send the message #go on ProfStefBrowser class.

The Help group is defined in

WorldState class>>helpOn: aBuilder
(aBuilder item: #Help)
order: 5.0;
icon: MenuIcons smallHelpIcon.

Menu registration

MenuRegistration>>order: define the position of the group. System group has order: 4.0, so before Help group.

WorldState class>>systemOn: aBuilder 
| currItem |
(aBuilder item: #System)
order: 4.0;
icon: MenuIcons smallConfigurationIcon;
with: [
(aBuilder item: #'About...')
order: 0;
action: [Smalltalk aboutThisSystem].
(aBuilder item: #'Software update')
order: 1;
precondition: [self showUpdateOptionInWorldMenu];
action: [Utilities updateFromServer];
help: 'Load latest code updates via the internet']

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