4.4.2 Environment

Q How do I register the browser that I want to be the default?
A Use the menu in the top right of the Browser window.
Q How do I turn off/on smart quotes and auto-completion?
A world menu → open...Preference Browser. Got to "developer image" category and disable "ecompletionSmartCharacters"
Q How do I use OCompletion?
A Installer squeaksource project: 'OCompletion'; install: 'OCLoader'

If OmniBrowser is not recognizing it, just evaluate OCompletionTable lookForOB.

There is also a paper explaining how it works and why it is better than ECompletion.

Q How do I use auto-completion?
A Use ctrl-space to open the possible completions, select the proper completion and confirm with tab.
Q How do I programmatically set preferences?
A (Preferences dictionaryOfPreferences at: #showDeprecationWarnings) preferenceValue: true.
Q How do I programmatically open a workspace?
Workspace new
contents: 'contents';
openLabel: 'TASKS'.

User Contributed Notes

darrin (31 May 2014, 12:18 pm)

<edit> As of Pharo 3.0 (at least), use Command-q on Macs for command completion.

darrin (31 May 2014, 12:17 pm)

As of Pharo 3.0 (at least), use Command-q on Macs.

maxleske (9 April 2011, 12:38 pm)

setting preferences with 1.2 doesn't work this way anymore.

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