4.3.4 How to Debug Plugin Absence

Smalltalk listLoadedModules

Return a list of all currently loaded modules (e.g., plugins). Loaded modules are those that currently in use (e.g., active). The list returned will contain all currently active modules regardless of whether they're builtin (that is compiled with the VM) or external (e.g., residing in some external shared library). Note that the returned list is not sorted!

Smalltalk listBuiltinModules

Return a list of all builtin modules (e.g., plugins). Builtin plugins are those that are compiled with the VM directly, as opposed to plugins residing in an external shared library. The list will include all builtin plugins regardless of whether they are currently loaded or not. Note that the list returned is not sorted!

To know why a plugin did not load. On mac Adjust the info.plist 'SqueakDebug' to 1 in the VM, start and then use apple's console application to check for messages in the system log to see what happens when it attempts to load the plugin.

User Contributed Notes

darrin (31 May 2014, 12:16 pm)

Even better, use the System Reporter. From the World menu, System -> Reporter.

darrin (31 May 2014, 11:43 am)

This functionality has moved to the VirtualMachine class. To list loaded modules: Smalltalk vm listLoadedModules. To list built in modules: Smalltalk vm listBuiltinModules.

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