5.1.2 The Mac OSX way

Prepare for building

For compiling the VM on Mac OSX platform you need to use Xcode. The official developer Mac OSX tools suite from Apple. Download from : http://developer.apple.com/technologies/tools/xcode.html

Get Squeak VM sources from the Subversion repository

As of April 2010, the last stable version of Squeak VM is 4.0.3 revision 2202. To check it out:

 svn co http://squeakvm.org/svn/squeak/trunk/platforms/ -r 2202

Build it!

Unlike to the GNU/Linux platforms the Mac OSX way don't have pre-generated source, then if you want to recompile the VM you must generate the src from VMMaker (refer to VMMaker Chapter to do that).

The compilation process is based on a Xcode project. So here are the steps you should follow: (normally these steps should be covered by a makefile).

  • 1 Create a folder MyOwnVM. In this folder you will have to put all the files for the compilation (platform files as extracted from the svn, sources generated by VMMaker and some mac specific files for XCode.
  • 2 Copy the files /platforms/Mac OS/vm/Developer into MyOwnVM

Here are the files that configuration files:

 /platforms/Mac OS/vm/Developer/Ressource.zip
 /platforms/Mac OS/vm/Developer/Squeak VM Universal-Info.plist
 /platforms/Mac OS/vm/Developer/SqueakVMUNIXPATHS.xcodeproj.zip
  • 3 Extract the zipped files
  • 4 Now we need to copy the platform specific files as well as the crossplatform ones from the svn checkout. Note that there is a dependency with the unix platform
    • create in MyOwnVM
 cd MyOwnVM
 mkdir platforms
 copy ../platforms/Mac OS .
 copy ../platforms/Cross .
 copy ../platforms/unix .

Now you should have

 platforms/Mac OS
 platforms/unix .
 Squeak VM Universal-Info.plist

Now we should get the sources of the virtual machine using VMMaker (Read the Chapter)

  • 5 Now you should have the source in the

Now you should have

 platforms/Mac OS
 Squeak VM Universal-Info.plist

Execute the xcodeproj file, then compile in XCode to compile a default VM. If you want to compile your own VM configuration you need to unselect the default sqNamedPrims.h and select the sqNamedPrims.h generate by VMMaker.

Now you can run a pharo image, on the VM generated, and then running all Pharo unit tests.

Compiling option

With the XCode project you have 2 compiling way developer dans deployment way. The deployment way adding some action that adding compiling time but increase the execution time of the virtual machine.

User Contributed Notes

johnmci (7 September 2010, 12:11 pm)

This builds a 4.x obsolete VM.


The supported method is to


(a) svn co http://squeakvm.org/svn/squeak/trunk/platforms/

(b) then double-click /platforms/iOS/vm/SqueakPureObjc.xcodeproj and build either an iPhone VM, a 32/64bit VM supporting a 32bit image or a 64bit VM supporting a 64bit image.


(c) Decide if the pre-made /src interpreter is what you want, if not make a new src directory using VMMaker

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