1.5 What is a Repository?

A repository in Pharo refers to a Monticello project code repository. A Monticello project repository is usually stored on disk in a directory and/or in an online Repository Store (here, "store" refers to storage, not commerce). Even though Monticello also supports other repository store types (like the GOODS OO Database, FTP, SMTP, and others), most projects tend to use an online repository stores to publish and share their code.


There are several popular online repository stores that use Monticello:

In addition to browsing and creating a repository for their own projects on the main sites listed above, anyone is free to host their own Monticello repository.


Each project has their code or classes organised in one or more packages. By convention, packages (which did not exist in Smalltalk-80) and categories will have the same name, as in most cases the category and package are the exact same thing.


Projects that rely on one or more other project repositories (e.g. you are creating a web application using one of the popular web frameworks) need to be able to specify these dependencies. Project dependencies are important to ensure that anyone who wants to load a project into their Image has all the required components. A tool called Metacello – which is a Smalltalk Package Management System - closely integrates with Monticello.

SmalltalkHub, SqueakSource3, and GemSource, will all have a project called MetacelloRepository containing various configuration packages to load projects.


When opening the Monticello Browser in your image, you will notice that the MetacelloRepository is one of the known repositories in the right pane (and the left pane lists all the working copy packages in your image).


When clicking Open, Pharo will connect to the repository and load all available packages in the left pane. For each package in the repository it will list the available versions in the right pane.


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