1.2 Getting Started

User Contributed Notes

mdmacgr (20 June 2012, 5:50 am)

In the Windows version the image and sources are hidden in contents/resources and you start the image by double clicking the Pharo-one-click.bat file. This leads to tricky problems if you then create your own image! The easiest way round this is not to create your own image! Just stick to the old image and if you ever need the original image just unzip the download again. It was a very bad decision to use a .bat file - just dropping the image file onto the engine is the simplest way forward for learners and developers, and you can use the same method across platforms.

mdmacgr (20 June 2012, 5:31 am)

The VM was just updated so the book image no longer works! Hardly safe... I'll use the latest development image - if that doesn't work I might as well use Java :)

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