1.4 What is an Image?

A Smalltalk Image is your entire system. The Image includes all the tools required to interact, customize and add functionality to your system, so Smalltalk’s IDE is a very Integrated Development Environment.

A newly downloaded "fresh" Pharo Image already contains a large number of classes. These classes not only include system classes, but also all the code for the IDE tools like the class browser, debugger etc. The fact that Smalltalk is actually written in Smalltalk itself means that each user has complete access to their entire system.

You can do a number of things with your new Smalltalk system:

  • customize your Image by modifying existing code,
  • add new classes and methods,
  • load a tool shared by someone else,
  • load a web framework and create your own web application.

After some time you may even want to share the code of a tool or application you made.

To manage this large amount of code in the Image, classes are organized in categories, the methods in those classes are grouped into protocols.

My Image

Smalltalk was one of the first to embrace personal computing, and as a result, its original design lacked effective ways to share code in a networked collaborative manner. This has since been addressed through Smalltalk’s distributed optimistic concurrent versioning system, Monticello. Anyone can share their initiative by publishing their code in a Repository.

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